Wild & Edible Plant Walk

Date: Sunday July 29th, 9am
Location: Departure from the Garden
Cost: $79/$89 Members/Non-Members
To Register: canmorecommunitygardening@gmail.com

Join Blaine ‘The Herb Man’ Andrusek, Master Herbologist, for a day-long  guided excursion to identify edible and medicinal plants in the forests, marshes and meadows around Canmore! 

Learn about the wild plants in our backyards, their uses and the indigenous stories behind them. His personal and colorful lecturing style keeps education fun, and extends his passion and reverence for the plant kingdom.

Blaine began working with plants in the mid 70’s. He studied extensively with Wild Rose College in Calgary, where he now teaches Herbology and other programs. Blaine’s affiliations include faculty membership with several colleges, institutions, and advisory boards throughout Western Canada, the U.S. and abroad. Also a widely published photographer and writer, Blaine has illustrated numerous field guides and appeared in magazines as prestigious as Canadian Geographic.

In season, Blaine conducts Herb Walks throughout Western Canada, introducing his students to hundreds of wild plants and their limitless uses. His version of ‘walking the talk’ has included wilderness treks of over 3 months living entirely off the land.

Backyard Buzz: Urban Beekeeping Workshop

Date: Saturday July 14th – 10am-4pm
Location: TBA
Cost: $89/$99 Member/Non-Member
To Register: canmorecommunitygardening@gmail.com

So you want to be a beekeeper, where do you start?  

Join Eliese Watson, founder of A.B.C – Apiaries & Bees in Communities for a day-long introduction to Backyard Beekeeping!

You Will Learn:
* The basics of honeybee and urban beekeeping

* How to build the Hive Mentality in Urban Spaces, and in particular in Canmore’s unique mountain environment 

* An action plan for putting your beekeeping inspiration into practice!

For more info on what Eliese has to offer, check out her website: www.backyardbees.ca

A.B.C offers to guide you through the steps of finding and building a beekeeping community around you! They offer free tools and resources, opportunities to find mentors; guide you through purchasing equipment and honeybees, as well as offering the best educational programming around. A.B.C has excellent relationships with beekeeping leaders from coast to coast, offering a robust knowlegde of various strategies in bee-care.

“Energetic – enthusiastic – knowledgeable – Eliese Watson is inspiring.  Her work around “Creating the Community Hive” takes beekeeping to a whole new level.  I never would have thought of bees as tools for building community, but Eliese has proved that they are.”
Paul Bush
Associate Professor, Mass Communications
Franklin Pierce University, Rindge, NH

Earth & Worm Soil Building Workshop

Date: Sunday June 3rd 10am-5pm
Location: Civic Center Atrium
Cost: $99/$109 Member/Non-Member
To Register: email canmorecommunitygardening@gmail.com

Join the ‘Soil Doctor’ Doug Weatherbee for a hands-on day of exploring the Soil Food Web and learning how to create the Perfect Vermicompost System for Canmore!

You will learn:

* The fundamentals of soil biology and why this is so important to your health and garden!

* How to solve pest and disease problems in your garden without chemicals by knowing your soil!

* Worm Power: Small and Large-scale Vermicomposting, & Doug’s Continuous Flow Reactor System

Doug is an certified Soil Foodweb Advisor and internationally recognized for his extensive knowledge of soil microbiology and skill at repairing damaged ecosystems from the ground up.  Soil is the basis of any healthy garden, and understanding the soil foodweb is the key to successful organic gardening!

Check out Doug’s website to learn more: soildoctor.org

“Doug Weatherbee is the top Soil Doctor in Mexico and one of the best in the world. His inspiring talk at the 2010 Quivira Carbon Ranch conference was one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

Ronnie Cummins, International Director
Organic Consumers Association

Introduction to Gardening

Are you an Aspiring Green Thumb?
Keen to grow food and get your hands dirty, but not sure where to start?
CCG is offering a Season-Long Introduction to Gardening!
Chrystel Vultier will walk you through a season in the garden from seed to harvest!

Learn about seed selection for mountain gardens, companion planting, strategies for easy maintenance and season-extension,  the key factors of healthy soil and gardens, when to harvest, how to compost, andsave seed for next year!

Take your taste buds on tour!  Discover edible flowers,  tasty exotic greens,  unusual culinary herbs, and heirloom vegetables!

5 Sunday afternoons in the Garden from June – October…
This course includes:
* 20 hours of instructional garden time
* membership in the communal garden (value $40)
* take-home hand-outs with useful tips
* orientation to online resources

* a garden bounty of delicious, nutritious, herbs & veggies

Investment: $250
Dates: Sundays 12-4pm
June 10th, July 8th, Aug. 5th, Sept. 9th, Oct. 14th

Max 15 gardeners.  Deadline May 25th!
To Register Contact: canmorecommunitygardening@gmail.com