Curious about Biodynamics?

Ever tasted a bottle of biodynamic wine?

Wondered how the moon might affect planting your garden?

Or how Biodynamic is different than Organic?

Join Biodynamic Farmer Greg Mountain for a FREE short introduction to this wholistic approach to farming.

Time: 10am – 11:30am

Date: Saturday August 4th

Location: The Canmore CommunityGarden

Cost: Free! (Donations Accepted)

Join Greg Mountain, co-manager at WholeCircle Farm, to learn about the biodynamic approach to farming. In this presentation, Greg will cover the basics of biodynamics including the history, whatmakes it different from organics, and some of the specific theories andtechniques that seek to go beyond the purely material aspects of farming.

Originally from Toronto, Greg left the cityfor life on the farm. Greg has been farming for three years and is currentlyspending his second season at Whole Circle Farm.  He is currently taking part in the North Americanbiodynamic apprenticeship and has completed two winter intensive courses onbiodynamic farming.

Whole Circle is an organic and biodynamicfarm located near Acton, Ontario which provide food for over 200 locals. The farmgrows vegetables, grains, and dried beans, and manages cows, chickens, pigs,bees, and a maple bush.

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