Helping Our Garden Grow

A garden always needs lovin’ and there are many  ways that you can get involved this season! If you are ready to take on a more committed role in the garden, or feel inspired to take on a building project…we’ve got something for you!

Garden Volunteer Positions:

Irrigation Master:
Duties – Maintain hoses, nozzles, cisterns in good working condition.  Notify Garden Coordinator of any missing or broken pieces.  Keep hoses tidy, clean, rolled.  Help gardeners keep cisterns filled, and offer assistance/guidance to gardeners regarding proper use of hoses and cisterns.  Ensure everything is properly stored for winter.

Maintenance Specialist:
Duties -Maintain garden tools in good working condition.  Keep garden structures such as fence, gate, tool shed, tool box, cistern stands, etc. in safe, working condition.  When large-scale maintenance is required, work with Garden Coordinator to organize work party of gardeners.  Ensure proper steps are taken to store/shut down everything at season’s end

Fence Garden Gurus (2-3):
Duties –  Plan, plant, irrigate, and otherwise maintain gardens along the exterior of the fence.  Keep an eye on perennials, tending to as needed, and plant appropriate annual flowers etc. around entrance, along front and east sides.

Garden Log Keeper:
Duties –  While all gardeners may make notes in the Garden Log, the ‘Keeper’ is responsible for making regular entries, including: map of communal garden, planting dates, weather observations, notes on which plants thrive/fail, notes about what work may need doing, what is ready to harvest etc.

Duties – to add occasional or regular Blog and Facebook posts. 1) posting about what has been going on in the garden 2) posting relevant gardening resources 3) a personal log of a community gardener’s experiences

Garden Projects:

Constructing a Tomato House:
Project Details: Using recovered windows, and as many recovered/recycled materials possible, design and construct passive solar-style hot house for tomatoes and other heat-loving crops on north side of garden.  Work with Garden Coordinator to compile materials list and budget, and to organize building party.

Garden Signage:
Project Details: Design and paint Welcome Sign for garden entrance, Notice Board for gardener use just inside gate, visitor signs including Water Works. Work with Garden Coordinator for budget/supplies

Constructing Cistern Stand:
Project Details: Construct cistern stand at north end of garden in the same fashion as the previous stands.  Work with Garden Coordinator to compile materials list, budget.

If you would like to volunteer please contact us at:


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