Just around the corner…!

Well it warmed up just enough yesterday to remind us that spring is around the corner.  Then the blanket of fresh snow this morning reminds us of the nature of spring in the Rockies… At least our gardens will be well hydrated!

In anticipation of warmer days, we’ve started preparing our seeding trays for some early starts…mostly herbs, some experimental tomatoes, nasturtiums, calendula, marigolds and other edible flowers…we’ll probably try some cabbage, pak choi, and even start some kale and chard just to get a jump on things!

Some exciting news is the involvment of Club Green at the Canmore Collegiate High School in community gardening endeavours this season.  After spring break, Club Green students will be starting some seeds in the greenhouse at the high school for the community garden this summer!

These enthusiastic students will also be collaborating with CCG in organizing a fundraising event for the community garden.  We will be screening Food Inc. and hosting a silent auction in the theater at CCHS during the month of may.  Stay tuned for more info!

Till then, stay warm, stay safe and enjoy the powder !

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