Now Accepting Applications!

Canmore Community Gardening is delighted to invite you to participate in the first season of the Community Garden located north of the hospital at 1100 Hospital Place!

Applications due June 14th, 2011
(short notice, we know, but we want to get gardening as soon as we can!)

Canmore Community Gardening Membership is required for all applicants.
    Individual – $10 one-time fee. 
    Family – $20 one-time fee.  (Includes up to 2 adults + unlimited kids under 16)

Please consider the 2 types of community gardening offered this season:

Allotment Garden Plot
    $50/season for a 8’ x 4’ raised ‘wicking bed’.  There are 15 of these available for rent.  Gardeners maintain their beds autonomously within the organic community gardening guidelines. 
    Allotment gardeners agree to participate in a Wicking Bed Installation and Orientation Workshop from 10am-2pm on either June 18th or 19th.
Communal Gardening
$30/season for participation in the communal garden beds which mounded beds,  fenceline, and small greenhouse.  The communal gardens are intended to allow gardeners to share in both the responsibility and the bounty of the garden.  First-time gardeners have an opportunity to work alongside those with more experience, and this arrangement allows flexibility for those who vacation or have limited time in the summer.   Max 30 gardeners.
Communal gardeners agree to participate in a minimum of 2 weekend work parties throughout the season, commit a minimum of 1-2 hours/week to the garden, and agree to work cooperatively with other gardeners, and responsibly share the garden harvest.

Email for your application form!

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