Reimbursement Process

Reimbursement Process for purchases made on behalf of the Canmore Community Gardening Society.  You must receive approval of the purchase from the Treasurer prior to making the purchase.

  • CCGS is a registered not-for-profit Society and as such is required to keep proper records of purchases
  • Ideally, CCGS pays bills with a cheque written from its own bank account. Because this often isn’t possible, Members often make the purchases and then are reimbursed.


  • Save all receipts, regardless of the amount. It is easy to find you have subsidized CCGS by a large amount with noticing.  While donations are welcome, please make sure you do this consciously.
  • Ask for a receipt if you are not offered one (for example, at a trade show, or if you are buying something through kijiji…) if the seller is unable to provide you with a receipt, write your own, with the date, seller’s name or circumstance, item purchased, price. (note- if the seller charges you GST they are required to provide you with a receipt upon request)
  • Seed ordering: Online seed suppliers send you an itemized order confirmation via email upon receipt of your order.  This is not the final invoice even though it looks like it.  Seed orders often include backorders.  Most suppliers will put an actual invoice for the amount they actually ended up charging to your credit card in the box with your order.  This is the piece of paper the Treasurer wants.  When they send your backorders, they will send you another invoice, which you would submit upon receiving it.  If in doubt, you can cross-check with your cc statement.  You can also request a current invoice from the supplier.
  • Seed ordering- adding personal items to the order: This is OK and saves on shipping cost for you.  However, it is best for paperwork purposes if you request separate invoicing for CCGS order and your order.  Usually you will have to phone the company to make this request, but they are always happy to accommodate you.  If separate invoicing is not possible or you forgot, on the actual invoice, circle the items that you are paying for and deduct them, along with 5% GST if applicable, from the invoice total and write the actual CCGS amount that needs to be reimbursed on the invoice near the invoice total.  If you are trading equal-value seed from your own stock for seed included in the CCGS order, make a note next to the item with what is actually being provided(this is for inventory records as well as financial records)
  • Returns: Suppliers will usually give you a receipt for a return.  Attach this to the original receipt/invoice.  If you do not receive this, request it.  If supplier is unable to provide this paperwork, manually record returned items directly on the receipt/invoice and calculate the new total.
  • International ordering: You will need to wait until you get your credit card statement to submit this invoice.  Your cc statement will show the exchange rate they gave you and actual amount you paid in CAD.  Write both these amounts on the invoice near the invoice total.
  • Write “CCGS” on the receipt/invoice so you don’t misplace it.
  • Write your name on the receipt/invoice so the Treasurer knows who to reimburse.