Water Orientation script

1 – We receive water from and are able to access it with permission from the hospital.

2 – This means it is at their discretion and any abuse or negligence on our end could result in this privilege being revoked.

3 – History – in the beginning we had to run the hoses from the hospital to the garden (this made it a little easier to remember to turn it off). In season two, we dug a trench and buried the lines, connecting each cistern to the main water supply.

4 – The source of the water is the hospital. Therefore it is imperative that the water be shut off after use. This means if you are the last one in the garden please take a moment to check to see if it is on and then turn it off.  Even if you did not use the water.

5 – If there are other gardeners in the garden, ask if they have a need for it. If they do not, then turn it off.  If they are not sure, turn it off. (They can turn it back on easily enough if they decide they want it) If they are going to use it,  confirm with them whether they know where and how to shut the water off.  It may seem redundant but assumptions always get us into trouble.

6 – Individual cisterns – main outflow (underground from hospital) – connection and how to turn it on and off.   Make sure cistern valves are always closed all the way.

7 – Filling cisterns: The cisterns can be filled in about 30 > 45 mins if the water is not being used by anyone else. If you notice cisterns are low and you are expecting to be around for a while, then please initiate the task of filling one up.

8 – Watering from cisterns:

Communal garden – watering can be done either directly from cisterns or via the main water source.

Plot gardeners – watering  / filling through your weeping tile is to be done using the main water source connection and not the cisterns.

9 – Maintenance – from time to time, the couplings will need to have attention paid to them. Drips and  leaks happen which is why we have a task maintenance board. If you notice leaks, again please don’t assume the issue has been noticed or addressed. Have a look at the board and make an attempt to inform the person who is responsible for  that task. If you can’t do this, then please relay the information to your team liaison or to the general community garden’s email address and let them know.

10 – Water is a treasure – it is an important resource – please respect it’s use – respect where and who we get it from – respect other gardeners.