Time to Build!

1) We need a truck(s) to transport the wire fencing from Calgary before June 3rd.  If you have a truck and will be in Calgary or are willing to make a trip, there are 2 rolls of 8′ x 3′ diameter.  One (and possibly both) should apparently fit in the back of a pickup.

2) We need scrap 2″x4″s in one foot lengths for the bracing in our wicking beds. if you have scrap lumber in your yard, or are connected to a construction site where some can be salvaged, please help us collect it.  we need approximately 60 x 1′ lengths.  let us know how much you’ve got so we make sure we collect enough before June 10th. let’s recycle!

3) Any aspiring filmmakers interested in documenting the building process?  Local filmmaker Julia Szucs has begun gathering footage of the evolution of the community garden, but she is away during the month of June.  We are hoping to gather more footage during the building and installation phase, and then there is the potential for whomever does the filming to collaborate with her on the documentary process.

4) and of course we need volunteers! builders, haulers, diggers, movers, shakers….We will be building the garden during a series of work parties on the first 3 weekends in June.  The work party and volunteer schedule, will follow shortly.

If you can help with any of the first 3 items above, please email us!  If you’re ready to volunteer to build the garden, our volunteer sign up schedule will be sent out right away!

Happy Spring Showers!

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